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Vania Cheng

Holy Spirit Seminary College (Hong Kong)

I am Vania Cheng, a focolarina of the Work of Mary, a Chinese citizen born in Hong Kong of the People's Republic of China.

I am currently a professor of Ecclesiology at Holy Spirit Seminary College of Theology and Philosophy in Hong Kong. I obtained a License in Dogmatic Theology in Rome, a Bachelor's Degree in Theology in Ireland, and a certificate from a doctoral program in sinology in Beijing.

I am an educator by profession and have worked as a secondary school teacher and youth minister in the Church, accompanying adolescents and young people in their search for life's meaning and vocation for more than 10 years in Hong Kong.

Then I had nine years of life and work experiences as a chief representative of an Italian company in China, through which I had a great opportunity to build contacts and relationships with young professionals, college students and local people from different walks of life in different parts of mainland China.

After my stay in China, I took on the role of General Council Counselor at the worldwide Focolare Movement center in Rome.

My specific task was to coordinate, support and assist the development of Focolare communities in Oceania. This mission gave me another new platform to learn about the cultures of the different peoples of the Pacific.

As an intellectual, perhaps I could say that my thoughts and my life are one reality and it is a synthesis of my christian faith enlightened by the charism of Unity, knowledge and life experiences.

Vania Cheng

Respondent II Sessione (27/09): Esserci nel nuovo contesto globale

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